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The legends of poker omiqq is not those who just won the title of WSOP tournament but those who are unique when they play this card game.

Poker Omiqq Legends Who Won More Than 1 Bracelet of WSOP

WSOP is known as the most elite tournament in the world and this is the oldest one too. There are so many Poker Omiqq legends are born through this tournament but it doesn’t mean this tournament makes you remembered by people. If you just win the tournament in small prize or win the bracelet once, then you can’t be the legends like others.

Poker Omiqq Legends That can Won Many Bracelets of WSOP

Though the Poker Omiqq tournaments always create new King of gambling, there are few people considered as the real legends such as:

  • Doyle Brunson

His nick name is Texas Dolly and Brunson can be considered as the winner of the first ever million dollar tournament in the world. During his professional career, he collected 9 bracelets of WSOP and he also published the tutorial books about this game which are most authoritative and the most popular is Doyle Brunson’s Super System.

  • Thomas Austin Preston

Preston is known as Amarilo Slim which was famous with his controversial during the game and outside the tournament. His life story is basically included to remarkable adventures and he was successful in the show business during his career on the table. He also won 4 bracelets of WSOP and he was included inside Hall of Fame for this game.

Those are Poker Omiqq legends that won more than one or two bracelets of WSOP during their career and they inspire more people to do the same like them.